New Arrivals Swarovski Crystal Beads

Looking for beautiful Swarovski Crytals for all of jewelry needs? We have many varieties to choose from. We have faceted round 8mm, faceted drop 15×9 mm, faceted drop 18x9mm, round Continue reading

How Krobo Beads are Made

This is explanation of how Krobo beads are produced.
Krobo beads are produced from powder glass. That is glass that has been crushed to a pulverized state. The materials used for this are old bottles. Some craftsmen purchase bottles and some find  Continue reading

Glass Waist Beads

Beads were and still are very important in African Culture. In many instances they are used in rights of passage ceremonies for young girls entering into woman hood. Beads were Continue reading

African Ancient Islamic Beads

These beads are known as Ancient Islamic Beads. They are also called Roman beads. They where found in Ivory Coast West Africa. They where used in the African trade during the Continue reading

Krobo flower design beads

Beautiful fancy flowers decorate these Krobo powder glass beads. You may ask, “What are powder glass beads?”  They are recycled glass bottles that have been pulverized into powder and poured into Continue reading


These are fine authentic European Matched Glass seed beads. The beads pictured here are emerald translucent seed beads which were made in Europe during the mid 1900’s. The colors are rare. These Continue reading

Krobo Beads  These are authentic Beautiful fancy Eye West African Trade bead. These beads are made from powder glass. Each Bead was hand made in the Kroboland in Ghana West Africa. Continue reading