About Us


We are importers of fine African beads since 1998. We source the best and highest quality available to ensure that our customers are getting the best for their money. We have a Representative whom permanently resides in Ghana West Africa to ensure that all of our beads are sourced ethically and professionally. Our representative being able to connect with the locals is conducive to forging not only a professional relationship but also an emotional one.


 When you buy beads or beading supplies from us, you are helping artisans and their families make a dignified honest meaningful living. Our representative travels throughout Ghana, Mali, Niger, Yorubaland and many other destinations on the African continent to bring you the highest quality rare beads and beading supplies.

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Each bead is hand polished and painted. After the manufacturing process is complete the beads are hand strung and carefully packaged for export to our warehouse facility located in the USA.