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What are Krobo beads? Krobo beads are glass beads that were produced in the Krobo region of Ghana West Africa. In Ghana, Krobo beads have a deeper meaning than just beautiful and colorful beads. They were originally produced for the purpose of rights of passage for the young girls in the Krobo region. When young girls of the Krobo region are coming of age they hold the Dipo ceremony. This is an ancient and prominent ceremony which is used to usher young girls into womanhood. During the last days of the Dipo cremony the young girls are adorned with Krobo beads which symbolizes coming of age.


How are Krobo beads made? Krobo beads are glass beads comprised of recycled glass material. Powder glass materials used to produce these beads are derived from a myriad of sources such as old bottles, Medicine bottles, jars and old glass beads just to name a few. These glass products are crushed and pulverized into a fine powder. The powder glass is poured into a clay mold and fired in a on

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