African Ghana blue multi banded krobo bicone handmade glass trade beads

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These are blue bicone recycled glass beads also known as Krobo beads. They are manufactured in the Krobo land area in Ghana West Africa. The local people of the Krobo tribe employ an age old process to produce these beautiful Eco friendly beads. This is a multi step process and is executed as follows:

  1. Glass is collected from multiple sources such as old medicine and beverage bottles and any glass object that can be recycled.

  2. The glass is pulverized and crushed into powder

  3. A vertical clay pitted mold is dipped into a special solution to prevent glass from sticking to the mold during the baking process.

  4. The glass is carefully layered into each pitt in the mold with a cassava leaf stem at the center of each pitt which gives each bead its center hole.

  5. The mold is placed into a special high temperature kiln where the glass is baked and takes the form of the mold.

  6. Molds are removed from the kiln after the baking process and allowed to cool.

  7. Beads are decorated by hand painting each piece if applicable.

Size: 16x10mm diameter, 26 inches Strand

Approximate # of Beads: 46

Hole Size: 3mm